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I had Cancer of Posterior Part of the Tongue (Behind of Tongue), diagnosed in November 2007. I was treated with Radiation Treatment and ...
D. G. Bodar
Retired Agriculture Scientist
(Gujarat Agriculture University)
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Anti-tobacco Awareness Programme
Anti-tobacco Awareness Programme

Majority of Cancers in male are Caused by Tobacco & tobacco related products. It is estimated that 50% cancers in males can be prevented by stoppage of Tobacco use. Once a person is addicted, it is very hard to get rid of it. Therefore it is essential that one does not start it at all.

We did studies in school going children (5th to 11th Std.) & found that tobacco use starts as early as at the age of 10 Years.

We therefore started an Anti-tobacco Awareness Programme for School Children in July 2002 & till date 17345 Children & 564 Teachers attended this programme. During this Programme of 1 hour, 2 Film are shows about hazards of tobacco use. The patients who got cancer because of tobacco come on the stage & tell their stories, how much they & their family members are suffering. At the end some of the students accept that they are using tobacco products & would like to give it up. An oath is then taken up by all those using tobacco in any form.

A School Children Visiting Cancer Hospital

A School Children Visiting
Cancer Hospital

A School Children Attending Anti-tobacco Awareness Programme

A School Children Attending
Anti-tobacco Awareness Programme

In last 8 years of these programme although out of 17345 only 729 students have accepted and given up, our aim has been to prevent those 16616 students who have not yet started.

For participation in this programme, inquiry may be sent to Medical Director.
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